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Users Can Now Retweet Themselves on Twitter — Start Up Your Day Roundup

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A handy helper. Google has launched Springboard, a new AI assistant for its enterprise customers.

Redundant. Twitter is now allowing users to retweet themselves.

The big picture. iPhones could one day have wrap-around displays, if Apple’s patents are any indication.

Keeping tabs. Facebook is using GPS data from your smartphone, point-of-sale systems such as Square and other tracking technologies to monitor how ads on the platform influence store visits and purchases.

Paradigm shift. Mark Zuckerberg held his first Facebook Live town hall yesterday, amid suspcisions that the social networking giant increasingly favors video over text.

One step closer. A federal appeals court ruled that the FCC has the right to regulate the web like it does other public utilities. But internet providers aren’t giving up their fight for control.

Picking up speed. Didi Chuxing, Uber’s rival in China, raised $7 billion in its latest investment round.


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