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YouTube says you can be a ‘Hero’ if you help moderate its site

YouTube is now offering you the chance to become a Hero. No, it doesn’t involve saving the world, and your valiant actions won’t see you hit the headlines of any major news site, but it could help keep the video-streaming giant on the straight and narrow.

YouTube Heroes, launched by the Google-owned video-streaming giant on Tuesday, sits alongside the company’s recently launched “Community” social network and aims to become a global group of volunteer contributors “that help create the best possible YouTube experience network for everyone.” And you don’t have to be a YouTube creator to become a Hero. Anyone with a YouTube account can apply.

A Hero’s main role will be to “flag inappropriate content, add captions and subtitles to videos, and share their knowledge with other users on the YouTube Help forum, unlocking exclusive rewards along the way,” with each contribution earning a Hero a number of points.

Super-enthusiastic Heroes – ie. those with lots of points – will be given special access to “top Hero perks,” which include a sneak peek at new products and the chance to test new features before they’re released into the wild.

The busiest contributors will also be able to apply to attend the “Heroes Summit,” which, according to the video above, looks like a big party full of fellow Heroes where you can presumably exchange stories of your various YouTube-based heroic feats.

Successful applicants will be given access to a personalized Heroes dashboard where they can keep track of their input and monitor progress toward rewards. If you fancy joining the program, hit this page for more information.

YouTube has faced serious challenges over the years when it comes to moderating video content and the resulting comments on its enormous site. The company hopes that by arming its most enthusiastic users with the right tools – and incentives – it’ll do better at keeping the site upbeat and welcoming, ensuring users keep coming back.



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