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YouTube has a special app just for kids

You know how it is with kids and the Internet. Every time you’re hoping their online searches will enrich them with educational resources or family-friendly videos, up pops the exact opposite.

Your young kids and you can search for cartoons or fun videos, but invariably they go astray. So, YouTube has been rolling out a pretty cool family-focused app.

Its YouTube Kids app released earlier this year is now expanding around the globe, including today in the UK and Ireland. It’s designed specifically with content that’s appropriate for kids. So, hand over your iPad or KomandoTab2 tablet with confidence that they’re not going to get exposed to inappropriate content on YouTube.

This app is useful for really young children, too. If your kids are too young to read, the YouTube Kids’ app is voice activated. They can just say what they’re looking for, and find it.

The content is arranged into four categories: shows, music, learning, explore. It’s designed with big buttons, so it’s easy for kids to find what they’re looking for. Plus, if they want to watch shows like “Sesame Street” or “Thomas and Friends” on a TV set, they can with Google’s Chromecast.

With YouTube Kids, you determine what they can and can’t watch. You can set a timer, so it turns off after a predetermined amount of time.

You can also set sound limits. Plus, you can create your own parental password.

Note: The YouTube Kids app has advertisements. YouTube gives a heads up to parents that ads that you may not want your kids watching sometimes slip through its advertiser guidelines.


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