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Your wallet will love Facebook’s new push to bring free Internet for everyone

Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and chief executive of Facebook, recently announced he wants to triple the size of his already gigantic social network. In order to expand his 1.6 billion members, Zuckerberg plans to reach new audiences by changing telecommunications networks and making Internet more affordable.

This strategy will help potential Facebook users around the world, notably in countries with little or no Internet access. This seems like a big undertaking. Even for Facebook.

There’s no doubt this vision could potentially take years to start, if it is even possible. However, if it does work it will prove just how big of an impact Facebook has on the way we connect with our friends and family though the Internet. Not to mention the impact on the traditional economics of the technology industry.

Facebook has also been in the limelight recently for embracing an open-source concept and refusing to pay top dollar for products made by traditional tech suppliers. Note: Open source just means that anyone can go into a software program and tinker with it to improve on it. Often, it’s free and the people improving the code do it for fun or personal fulfillment.

Meaning, it’s a really inexpensive way to encourage smart people to share their ideas. For Facebook, open-source lets them costs down for new developments.

“Our rule is, 10 times faster or 10 times cheaper, or both,” said Jay Parikh, Facebook’s vice president for engineering. “We want to get a full Facebook experience to every end user, whether that is video, or eventually virtual reality.”

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