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Your Instagram App Now Looks a Lot Different

If the colors of your Instagram account look a little bit off today, there’s no need to adjust your filters. The popular photo-sharing app introduced a design overhaul on Wednesday, updating its logo while also giving the app’s interface a more stark design.

Instagram debuted the new look on Wednesday with a blog post and a video that shows the evolution of the Facebook-owned app’s logo from the familiar retro-looking, brownish camera with a rainbow accent to a simple, white illustration of a camera set on a background gradient of hues that Instagram said reimagines the original rainbow.

Meanwhile, inside the app, Instagram has opted for a much simpler design that eschews previous colors in favor of a mostly white and grey display, with black lettering.

“The simpler design puts more focus on your photos and videos without changing how you navigate the app,” Instagram said in the blog post. That’s an important point to its more than 400 million monthly users, many of whom were up in arms earlier this year when the mobile app maker said it would eventually switch to algorithmic filtering, which orders feeds based on individual interests and behaviors rather than chronologically.

According to Instagram, the app’s users post more than 80 million photos and videos each day on average, which is a tremendous amount of volume and is likely the reason why the company would want to simplify its design, removing any clutter that gets in the way of the all-important content.


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