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Yes, Facebook really is draining your iPhone battery

If you’ve noticed that Facebook seems to be draining your smartphone battery, you’re not alone. But that’s not a surprise, right?

After all, you’re always on Facebook checking out posts, and re-checking to see if anyone commented on your posts yet. (Don’t worry, they will.)

Yet, there may be an actual problem with the Facebook iOS app, and your battery. As it turns out, users have noticed that the Facebook iOS app is draining an inordinate amount of battery power.

The problem has been reported by bloggers who’ve been coming up with theories as to what’s happening. The prevailing belief is that the Facebook iOS app continues to drain your battery power by continually refreshing in the background.

Some bloggers have also theorized that Facebook is playing videos’ audio in the background, even when you don’t have audio turned on. Whatever the cause, the problem seems to be real.

One blogger, who suspects Facebook’s auto refresh is auto-refreshing in the background, found that Facebook drains 15% of his smartphone’s battery, even when auto-refresh is turned off. Another user found that the Facebook app drains 7% of his battery, even when auto-refresh and autoplay videos are turned off. (See phone next page.)

This battery drain isn’t just a blogger theory, though. Facebook acknowledges that there appears to be a problem with battery usage and its iOS app.

If you want to prevent the problem until there’s a fix, you can get rid of the Facebook app on your iPhone. Instead, just visit the Facebook website from your phone.

In the meantime, keep reading Happening Now for updates. We’ll let you know if Facebook announces a fix for its background app battery drain problem.




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