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Weird ‘On This Day’ Facebook glitch celebrates 46 years of friendship

Most people wake up in the morning, have their morning coffee, walk the dog, take a shower and, of course, check Facebook, which usually likes to take you down memory lane with its On This Day feature.

On This Day will show you what you posted on the same day last year, or 11 years ago. These are posts, photos, status updates, and also anniversaries of Facebook friendships.

Given that Facebook is only 11 years old itself and a pretty big chunk of its users are millennials, many were surprised to see that “On this day” they began many Facebook friendships, get this, 46 years ago today.

The problem is a bug, most likely due to the way computers keep time, being that much like we worried about with Y2K, the clocks needed a little guidance on how to reset. The bug is common and is known as the Unix epoch date, which means that the computers are interpreting today’s date as December 31, 1969.

But if you try and check it out now, you won’t see it. Facebook has already taken care of the bug, telling Mashable: “We’ve identified this bug and the team’s fixing it now so everyone can ring in 2016 feeling young again.”



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