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Upload Stories faster — or preview the entire thing — with new Instagram tools

The first update allows users to add up to ten photos or videos to a Story at one time, rather than individually adding each image. Instagram says the update will allow users to preview their entire Story at once before publishing, but can also make it easier to update a Story once you get a better connection.

When adding to a Story, users will soon see a new icon at the top with multiple images layered together (similar to the icon Instagram uses in profiles to mark a post that has multiple images). Tapping that icon allows Instagrammers to add more than one image or video to the Story at a time, up to 10. Content is uploaded in whatever order the user selects the images in.

Once the content is selected, the edit screen still uses the usual slew of Stories’ features like stickers — and only the upload is done in bulk, so other effects are applied to the images individually. The individual images are displayed in a filmstrip at the bottom for navigating to each one to edit before uploading. Instagram will then show a preview of that full upload, allowing users to preview their entire Story at once.

The second Stories update rolling out is location suggestions. When using location-based stickers, Instagram will soon suggest places near where the photo was captured, if the geo-tagging feature on the smartphone was turned on. Instagram says the option is designed to make it easier to remember where the image was captured, even when uploading a Throwback Thursday to a Story.

Both updates are available for Android users with an app update beginning today. iOS users will see the feature too, but the update isn’t available yet. Instagram says iOS users can find the update “in the coming weeks.”


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