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Twitter waves bye-bye to square videos with new landscape mode

Twitter has just rolled out new functionality for iOS and Android that lets you shoot videos in full frame landscape mode from within the app. Up to now, both portrait and landscape modes offered only a square frame, though that format remains for portrait shooters. The social media company announced the feature in a tweet on Wednesday, encouraging users to “expand your view of the world.

To take the new mode for a test run, hit the tweet button top right, tap the camera icon, and hold your device in the horizontal position. When you hit the video camera button, the new landscape view appears (remember, you have to keep the button pressed to record).

The popular microblogging service has been steadily developing its built-in video offering since rolling it out at the start of the year, with its latest feature coming as other social media services – Snapchat among them – release improvements to their own video offerings.

The app’s video function currently lets you shoot up to 30 seconds of material, and also allows you to edit together a series of shots prior to posting. Twitter’s drive to expand and enhance the app’s multimedia offerings takes it ever further from its text-based origins as it endeavors to maintain its user base and attract new users, as well as increase interest among brands.

It’s further evidence of the considerable importance Twitter places on the role video plays in the social media world. The company also owns Periscope, the live streaming video app it purchased to compete with Meerkat, along with Vine, which it acquired back in 2012.


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