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Twitter for iPhone now lets you easily grab back some storage space


If you’re an avid Twitter user whose iPhone storage is fast disappearing, the app now lets you quickly clear cached data.

If you’re an iPhone user who’s always on Twitter, then all that data you download may be taking up more space than you realize.

With the social media site encouraging users to post more images and video, a growing chunk of your handset’s storage space will be eaten up by cached data. This isn’t particularly helpful if you’re using a 16GB iPhone, or if you simply don’t have much space left on whatever iPhone you’re using.

Thankfully, help is at hand via the latest Twitter update, which lets you easily clear the app’s cached data and reclaim some possibly precious storage space. Once you’ve nabbed the update, all you need to do is:

1 – Head to your profile page via the Me button at the bottom right of the display

2 – Tap on the gear icon just to the right of your profile pic.

3 – Tap Settings.

4 – Tap Data usage under General.

5 – Tap Media storage.

6 – At the top of the display you’ll see how much storage Twitter is currently using on your device for content such as photos, GIFs, and Vines. Tap Clear media storage to do exactly that.

7 – Tap the back arrow and then tap Web storage.

8 – Click on the two red buttons to reclaim more space.

As a side note, version 6.7.31, which brought the new space-saving feature to iPhone owners, reportedly crashed the Twitter app for some users. Fortunately, the company was onto it in a flash and quickly rolled out 6.7.32 to fix the glitch.

Want even more space back? Then how about deleting a few of those storage-hungry apps you never use. To uncover the worst offenders, dive into your iPhone’s Settings, tap General, then Storage & iCloud Usage, and Manage Storage. If you have a lot of apps on your device, wait for about 15 seconds for the list to fully populate. The apps show in order of how much storage they use, with the biggest at the top. If you see any you don’t use, then go ahead and uninstall them.




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