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Top Story: This new Facebook hoax is why you’re seeing unicorns in your News Feed

If Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Dr. Priscilla Chan, want you to have their billions of dollars, they won’t post that life-changing news on your Facebook News Feed. Odds are, you’ll get a phone call.

Yet, a lot of people fall for a variety of Facebook hoaxes that center on Zuckerberg sharing some of his billions with people in need. The hoaxes typically include a News Feed post like this one.


Facebook recently warned its 1.6 billion users not to click on hoaxes like this one. Plus, ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the early morning TV show mentioned above, confirmed that it didn’t say, “Not a hoax.”

This hoax, and others like it, say Zuckerberg and Dr. Chan are giving away $45 billion. That part is true.

Through their Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, the new parents announced they’ll be giving away 99% of their Facebook shares. Which amounts to roughly $45 billion.

However, they’re not giving away $45 billion to just anyone. The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative has noble causes, like curing diseases, educating people and the like.

There is some good news here. So far, this hoax doesn’t appear to have infected anyone’s computer with malware, or been used to steal personal information.

Yet, a lot of Facebook users are getting tired of these hoaxes. The funny unicorn photo above, for instance, is going viral on Facebook. People are posting it as a response to the Facebook hoax.

Note: Still, there’s a reason Facebook warns its users not to fall for hoaxes. Hackers and cybercriminals do use Facebook to steal money from victims.


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