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Top Story: Facebook scam – Watch out for this advertised in your news feed

It’s being dubbed the Facebook fashion fail. I’m sure you’ve seen them – ads for cool looking and affordable clothes from companies like Rose Gal, She In, TB Dress and Nasty Dress. If the deals in these ads seem too good to be true – they are.

Abby Misegades, a blogger out of Dallas, decided to sound the alarm after she ordered from one of the companies mentioned above. Misegades ordered a cream and black Aztec sweater for $23 from Rose Gal, but was shocked when she opened her package.

The whole thing reeked of mildew or food, was too short, too tight, was “sewn together in the front with black thread” and on top of that, the package arrived a full month after it was ordered.

Turns out, Misegades isn’t the only one to be misled by these ads. Picking up on the story, CBS 11 in Dallas found thousands of complaints about the sites that advertise heavily on Facebook. So they decided to test out the ads for themselves.

Here’s what they bought vs. what they actually got:

$13 black shirt and $16 jacket from Rose Gal

  • Arrived on time; and
  • was shorter and tighter than the photo.

 $23 yellow dress from She In

  • Dress was too short, too tight;
  • color of the dress was different than the photo; and
  • even though one dress was ordered, two identical dresses were shipped.

$25 red wool coat from Nasty Dress

  • Coat was “falling apart”;
  • parts were not sewn on; and
  • sleeves were shorter than pictured.

$20 fancy black dress from TB Dress

  • Never arrived and customer service never responded to inquiries.

Moral of the story? Avoid these sites and stick to reputable retailers when shopping online. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


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