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#ThrowbackThursday is only the start: Instagram hashtags for every day of the week

It’s really no secret: Humans are down for any excuse to take a photo of themselves. Whether it’s a filtered couple photo or the blatant thirst for likes that is the selfie, Instagram is the ideal platform to participate in this embarrassing — albeit ubiquitous — behavior. Moreover, the use of hashtags can help draw more followers and increase the chances of that next, ever-elusive like.

Staying up to date and matching those daily hashtags can help you step up your Instaswag, and give your digital life that much more meaning. Even the most green of Instagrammers know about #ThrowbackThursday, but how about #WineWednesday? You’ll never be out of the loop with our list of popular Instagram hashtags.


mancrushmonday, instagram

Except for the rare occasions in which a government holiday starts off the workweek, most people dread the very sound of “Monday.” Mondays are a real bummer and #MondayBlues is the perfect hashtag to express our true grief and utter dismay. As of the time of this writing, there are more than 920,000 posts on Instagram with the tag, so get to snapping those cubicle selfies and mundane panoramas of rush-hour traffic.

#ManCrushMonday is also one of the more wildly popular hashtags on the internet. Individuals take to Instagram on Mondays to post everything from their favorite shots of Bieber and Gosling to photos of themselves or their male dogs.


transformation tuesday, instragram

If you prefer the more positive, inspirational route, check out #TransformationTuesday, which lets you see the progress people have made with their personal goals. Loaded with before-and-after photos, this one will help keep individuals focused on their personal fitness aspirations.

By the second day of the week you’re probably thinking of being anywhere else but where you are. More than 250,000 posts have been tagged #TravelTuesday, which will give you a feeling of wanderlust and have you sending in your time-off requests.

More than 181,000 Instagrammers have also used #TakeMeBackTuesday to date. Let us all seek solace together in our mutual woebegone pining for the days of yore.

Last but certainly not least is #TuesdayBoozeday. After all, who said partying is reserved exclusively for the weekends? Apparently no one on Instagram, as #TuesdayBoozeday has more than 40,000 entries.


womencrush wednesday

At last, it’s Wednesday, which means we’re that much closer to the weekend. Now that we’ve reached the mountaintop, it’s all downhill form here, and #HumpDay is usually a fairly optimistic hashtag for Instagrammers who’d like to express their sheer jubilation at making it through the first half of the week. Like #ManCrushMonday, #WomenCrushWednesday is also an exceedingly popular hashtag that allows you to pronounce your digital love for all the world to see.

Millennials are one of the largest age groups on Instagram, and seeing as they consumed nearly half of all the wine in the U.S. last year, it’s really not surprising to see the number of people participating in #WineWednesday. #WineWednesday is pretty straightforward, too, considering you merely need to a consume vast quantity of wine and depict the debauchery on Instagram for the world to see.

#WayBackWednesday is another semantic manner of tackling #ThrowbackThursday a day in advance, or #TakeMeBackTuesday a day late, because one day dedicated to a trip down memory lane is apparently not enough.


throwbackthursday instagram

Thursday has always been and will (likely) always be dominated by the preeminent hashtag, #ThrowbackThursday. With it, individuals reminisce about the past, and post photos of previous vacations, friends who’ve come and gone, and embarrassing moments from yesteryear. It’s fairly no holds barred, and there’s plenty of wiggle room for individuals given anything in your camera roll is technically a #throwback.

So, you don’t feel like perpetually inundating your followers with throwbacks? No worries, there are plenty of other hashtags to choose from. #ThirstyThursday is an Instagram favorite, as is #Thursdate, the latter of which sees couples documenting their romantic evenings together in an effort to at least air the pretense of monogamous bliss.


fridaynight, instagram

With nearly 8 million posts, #FridayNight is one of the more popular hashtags out there. Simply snap a photo of your evening shenanigans and let the hashtagging begin. Document enough photos throughout the evening and you’ve got yourself a modern phantasmagoria of Instabliss. There’s also the seemingly synonymous #FridayFunday, although the former receives far more traffic.

If you don’t feel like going out and partying, you can also utilize #FridayReads to highlight your latest literary digs. More old photos? #FlashbackFriday is your last chance, although, who knows, you could always take a #SaturdaySojourn to yesteryear.


caturday instagram

If there’s one thing humans love, it’s using living things as accessories in their own digital universes of self-obsession. Thankfully, #Caturday has you covered. There’s also #SaturdaySwag and #SaturdayShenanigans, both of which can be used to document your entire day of shopping, partying, or doing nothing in particular.


sundayfunday, instagram

The weekend is virtually over, but never fret, there are still plenty of hashtags to make this day worth living. There’s the all-encompassing #SundayFunday, for example. For individuals who haven’t already bombarded their feeds, consider this day #SelfieSunday. Go ahead and duck face your heart out. Another popular hashtag is #SinDay, because if Sundays were meant for one thing, it’s bottomless mimosas and extravagant meals that require you to lounge in sloth mode for the remainer of the evening.

Live it up! The #MondayBlues are right around the corner.



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