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Tell a proper story with Instagram’s new 60-second video lenghth

You may have noticed 60-second advertisements on Instagram, despite the fact that you, a loyal user, haven’t been able to make videos that long yourself. Well, that changes today.

Instagram now lets you record videos up to a minute in length. Previously, 15 seconds were the max, a limitation established since the video feature was launched in 2013.

“We want to bring you fun, flexible, and creative ways to create and watch video on Instagram,” the company wrote in a blog post. “As part of our continued commitment, you’ll soon have the flexibility to tell your story in up to 60 seconds of video.”

The update also brings back a feature in the iOS version: the ability to create videos using multiple clips in the camera roll. After Instagram eliminated it, a number of video-stitching apps popped up to take its place, but you’ll no longer need them since you can once again do it within the Instagram app.

Increasing the video length limit certainly benefits users, who will have a greater opportunity to tell a story.

Much like its parent, Facebook, Instagram has been slowly transitioning its news feed from static posts to a stream of videos. In fact, according to the company, the time that users have spent watching video has increased by 40 percent in the past six months. This definitely seems to be the way of the future, as people have better access to faster Internet connections and cameras on their smartphones. In February, Instagram rolled out video view counts, allowing users to see just how many people are seeing their videos, rather than only how many people are liking their videos.

Over time, it’s expected that Instagram will continue to push into videos and offering better features for video creators. These will likely include new filters, as well as tools for video creation and editing.

The update, including the new features, begins rolling out today, and will take a few months to roll out to all users.



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