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Some iOS Instagram users can now add multiple accounts, maybe you can too

If the idea of being able to easily hop between multiple Instagram accounts induces a warm feeling of contentment deep within your being, then we have some good news for you.

A slew of reports this week suggest Instagram is currently testing such functionality with a number of iOS users, allowing them to switch accounts in a couple of taps instead of having to go through the laborious process of logging in and out of each one.

The much sought-after feature – among some users, at least – was also tested on Android toward the end of last year, though an APK download was required to make it work. No such extras are needed for the iOS version.

Support for multiple accounts will save time and hassle for anyone with more than one Instagram account – think businesses, celebrities, keen photographers, Instagram addicts.

To find out if you’re one of the lucky ones able to test the feature, head to your Instagram profile page and tap the Options gear wheel top right. Then scroll down – if you’re one of the chosen few, you’ll see the “add account” option near the bottom of the page. If not, be patient.

Screenshots from Latergramme suggest that once you add an account, it’ll show up at the top of your profile page, allowing you to effortlessly jump between each one with a single tap.

If the tests run smoothly, it shouldn’t be too long before Instagram rolls out the feature to all users.



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