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Scary new Facebook scam uses your stolen ID to attack your Friends list

It looks like iPhone users aren’t the only ones who are being targeted by a major phishing scam. Right now, there is also a frightening scam going around on Facebook.

The scam is targeting Facebook business pages, tricking them with a fake compliance message that shows up in the notifications section.

This fraudulent compliance message uses Facebook’s logo, and appears to be a direct message – even using the greeting “Dear Customer.” The message then goes on to persuade these Facebook users into confirming their credentials on a fake website created by the hackers.

Although this particular phishing scam is targeting business pages, there are significant consequences for all Facebook users. If the scam is successful, the hackers gain access to these business pages, which they use to launch additional attacks. These subsequent attacks appear to come from the business itself, rather than the social media platform.

Beyond that, hackers are also gaining detailed information about the personal details of the administrators who are operating these business pages. Often times, these administrators hold management positions at the targeted businesses, which opens the doors for hackers to launch additional scams, such as email phishing attacks.

To avoid being a victim of this phishing scam (and others) be cautious of clicking on anything that looks suspicious. For this particular phishing scam there are indicators that can help you determine if it’s false. First, the link included is from, not Facebook itself. Second, the notification uses language that serves as a scare tactic. Third, the message comes in your notifications section versus messages, and notifications typically don’t include any sort of greeting, such as “Dear Customer.”


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