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Remember the facebook poke?well, it’s back in the form of a ‘Hello’


Facebook pokes were a rather polarizing feature, and now, they’re making a resurgence in the form of the Hello.

If ever there was a calling card for the digitally annoying, it was the Facebook poke. Momentarily ubiquitous, painfully easy to execute, and arguably aggravating, the poke might have been one of the least pleasant things about the Facebook experience circa 2013. And while we’ve been quietly celebrating its slow departure from pop culture (no sudden movements — you might bring it back), it seems we weren’t quiet enough.

We hate the be the bearers of bad news, but it’s true, friends. The Facebook poke might be making a reappearance.

It’s the renaissance we never asked for. While it will be rebranded, at its core, the new greeting is not much different than its predecessor. It’s now called a Hello, and it basically lets people know that you want to talk, but aren’t quite creative (or invested) enough to actually, you know, say something.

Initially reported by The Next Web, the Hello is being tested only for those Facebook users based in the U.K. The new little feature is available on both mobile and desktop, and comes in the form of a waving hand. So yes, it’s basically like sending that emoji on Tinder to that person you don’t know, to whom you don’t really have anything to say, but whose attention you’d like to attract anyway. Sure, it works on a dating app with strangers, but among friends? Only time will tell.

To be fair, screenshots of the feature suggest that it’s primarily recommended for folks that you’ve just added as a friend (so ostensibly, don’t know quite as well yet). But all the same, it’s feels a bit forced. But hey, we won’t judge. If you need an icebreaker every once in awhile, maybe this next generation Facebook poke will help you get the ball rolling on a new friendship.


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