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Reality check: SketchShe pokes fun at Instagram fakers with video

Do you have that friend that constantly posts a fake life to social media? Are they posting pictures of pictures, or making it look like they are doing one thing when in reality something entirely different is going on? Even if you don’t know this for a fact, chances are you are following at least one person on Instagram who has done this — or maybe even does this regularly.

SketchShe has posted a hilarious video sketch poking fun at all the #InstaFakers out there by showing what they are actually doing versus what they say they are doing. The fun, somewhat over-the-top sketch runs through a variety of silly situations, but our favorite has to be picking up the stranger’s dog to gain some pet-loving followers. Classic!


Another favorite was the healthy eater — who, let’s be honest, sounds like someone we all know — boasting about their healthy lettuce-only salad just long enough to snap a few decent pictures of it before pushing it to the farthest corner of the table in favor of the delicious gourmet burger and fries that were conveniently hidden just out of the frame.

Everyone is guilty of a little social media embellishment here and there, be it in the form of boasting about a perfectly landscaped yard that was actually the work of landscapers or talking about slaving away on the dinner sitting in front of you when 90 percent of it came from a box and it took you maybe 20 minutes to make.

Some people just take it to the extreme, and this skit from SketchShe does a great job of poking fun at them in a hilarious way that really gets you thinking about how many fake posts you may be seeing on a daily basis.



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