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Pinterest just dropped a revamped iOS app that will load 3x faster than before

The next time you get an update to the Pinterest app on your iPhone, it might take minute or so to download — the company today announced that it has completely overhauled its iOS app, rebuilding it from the ground up.

What does that mean? Well, according to a blog post from Pinterest, the overhaul is both for the design of the app, and under the hood. When it comes to design, you’ll notice quite a few changes. Everything down to the font has been refined, giving the app a much more modern look. It’s not totally different in terms of how you use it — it’s just a little sleeker.



Perhaps more important than the design of the app, however, are the changes under the hood. Thanks to the changes, the app should be a lot faster when it comes to loading times. In fact, according to Pinterest, the home feed should launch a hefty three times faster than it would have before. This is perfect for those that have slow internet connections, or who just hate waiting for things to load. Not only that, but the new app could pave the way for more significant updates in the future.

“These changes have laid the groundwork for future improvements, too,” says the company in its blog post. “Now that we’ve rebuilt things in a smarter way, engineers and designers here at Pinterest will be able to develop features faster than ever before.”

The update also brings the app to a total of 31 languages, so if you’re primary language is Kanji, you can still use Pinterest.

Of course, if you’re an Android user you might feel a little left out — don’t worry though. While Pinterest says that it’s starting with the iOS app, the Android app and even web interface are on the to-do list. Hopefully us Android fans won’t have to wait too long, because the new app looks very sleek indeed!



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