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Pinterest is still booming, and its audience is still women.

Have you checked out Pinterest yet? It’s a social media site where users pin photos of their interests to virtual pin boards.

What kind of stuff gets pinned? Things to buy, fun craft ideas, recipes and creative things to do with your food, art, fashion, or simply some of the user’s favorite things.

That being said, it comes as no surprise that 80 percent of the site’s users are women. But did you know that 84 percent of those women are still very active on the site after four years?

That discovery comes to us from RJ Metrics, an e-commerce analytics company, who looked into data of 50,000 Pinterest users to “understand user engagement, the aspirations of pinners, and what this means for the future of Pinterest.”

The study also found:

  • 92 percent of all pins are made by women:
  • The active female user makes 158 pins a year, on average; and
  • 20 percent of those pins fall in the Food and Drink Category, 12 percent are DIY & Crafts, and 11 percent are Home Decor.

So what do all these numbers mean for Pinterest’s future?

“This is a new world for Pinterest, and the data indicates they are set up to succeed. Armed with best-in-class user retention and engagement, and with women making 85% of consumer purchasing decisions, Pinterest is set up to be a major player in online commerce. Is it possible that it will dethrone Google as the starting place for product search?”

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And with all this talk about women on Pinterest, what about the boys? Click here to check out Gentlemint, a very similar site, but dedicated to men and manly things.


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