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Now your small business can sell products on Facebook

If you run a small business, you already rely heavily on Facebook’s Pages feature for marketing and promotion. It’s one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your company.

The problem is, with mobile users – and there are more people using the Internet on mobile devices than desktops¬†– you’ve had to get them to leave the app to go to your website to get them to purchase your business’s goods or services. And people don’t want to leave the comfort of the app when they’re in it.

Well, Facebook wants you to be happy with your business’s Facebook Page, and it doesn’t want its users to leave the app. So Facebook has introduced a free Shop section for pages, where you can show your goods and sell them as well. If you offer services, you can list them on your Page, and Facebook is making the “Contact Us” and “Call Now” buttons more prominent.

Really, your business won’t need to spend money on a website at all if you like this new feature enough. Facebook would love to encompass its users’ entire digital lives, and this is another move in that direction. These sorts of moves can seem threatening – not all of us want to live entirely in Facebook’s online ecosystem – but in this case we like the option for small businesses to profit more from their Pages without spending a dime.


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