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New Facebook tool aims to make you more productive

As we told you yesterday, Facebook seems to be working its way into more and more areas of your life. They do this by improving upon great ideas and consolidating them into one site.

Because of Facebook, you can chat with friends (Messenger), buy and sell items (Marketplace), keep up with current events (Trending) and share content with all of your friends and family at once – all in the same place. And that’s not even the half of it, the list goes on and on.

Facebook has been able to integrate themselves into many aspects of your leisure time and now they’re after your time at work. Their new feature might start popping up in offices all over the world.

Workplace by Facebook is a version of the social media site that is used only for work-related operations. Employees at Facebook have been using it for several years and now companies and organizations all over the world will be able to use it too.

It is similar to business software like Slack, Yammer and Chatter, and allows coworkers to communicate in real time.

Workplace takes the essential features of regular Facebook and applies them to your job. For instance, your news feed will have company updates, you can chat with coworkers, watch a live stream of a presentation in another part of the world, or create groups for discussing new projects.

Workplace also adds new features that you won’t find on regular Facebook. You’ll be able to view analytics, collaborate with other companies, and integrate the platform into the IT systems that your company already has.

This may be the first Facebook product or feature that will charge people to use it and depending on the size and revenue of the business, it could be pretty pricey. Businesses will be charged per user and based on the number of active monthly users: $3 for up to 1,000 employees, $2 for 1,001 to 10,000 employees, and $1 for more than 10,000 employees. However, it is free for non-profit organizations and educational institutions and there is a free three-month trial for everyone else.

So if you’ve ever been reprimanded for being on Facebook while you’re at work, then this may be a way around that rule. If Workplace really takes off, then your company would essentially be paying you to use a version of Facebook while you’re at work. It’s kind of neat if you think of it that way.


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