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Is Twitter down? How to tell whether it’s just you, or if everyone has the same issue

How to tell whether Twitter is down or if it’s just you that’s affected – here are some simple checks you can make to quickly ascertain whether Twitter is down.

Is Twitter down? Are others are having problems with Twitter?

Sometimes Twitter can be down in certain areas, but not on a global scale. Down Detector is a really useful resource for checking whether the web’s most popular sites and services are operating effectively, as well as some offline services such as mobile operators.

Its Live Outage Map can also tell you where in the country people are experiencing problems with a service – if others in your local area are having an issue with Twitter then the service is almost certainly down.


DownRightNow is a similar service that uses croud-sourced information to tell you whether Twitter is working correctly.


Usually if Twitter is down on a global scale you will be greeted with a message on the home page that tells you as much.

If you don’t see a message on the Twitter home page and other users aren’t reporting issues with the service then it’s very likely that the problem is local to you. If you’re unable to access Twitter on your phone, try it on your tablet or laptop; if none of these work then check you are connected to the internet. Can you reach other websites?

If you’re still unable to reach Twitter, try again in a few minutes. It’s quite possible it could be a temporary issue or something has only just gone wrong.


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