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Instagram ‘music stickers’ could help to spice up your Stories

Music stickers could offer a way for Instagrammers to choose a track from a database that can then be played with a Story. Instagram Stories let users build a sequence of images and video from the previous 24 hours, with the content excluded from followers’ feeds, instead appearing at the top of the display.

The code discovered in the Instagram app also reveals a “search music” button leading to tabs that let you explore “genres,” “moods,” and “trending” tracks.

The expected feature, which would likely be tested with a select group of Instagrammers prior to a full release, is made possible thanks to parent-company Facebook recently inking deals with the major record labels. In March, for example, Facebook struck a deal with Warner Music Group that will allow users to share its music in videos and messages. The record label controls the catalogs of a slew of high-profile artists, among them Ed Sheeran, Coldplay, and The Rolling Stones.

As TechCrunch points out, a music-track feature for Instagram could give popular lip-syncing app Musically a run for its money, and also set it apart from Snapchat, which is yet to offer such a feature.

It could certainly see Stories transformed, allowing Instagrammers to offer more entertaining sequences for sharing with their followers, though editing controls would likely be limited. For example, with viewer’s able to skip through a Story with a tap on the screen, it remains to be seen whether the music would skip as well, or simply play continously until the Story finishes.

When Warner struck its recent deal with Facebook in March, the record label’s executive vice president of global strategy, Eric Mackay, commented that its extensive catalog of music tracks “will be represented throughout Facebook’s platforms … to create new opportunities for both our songwriters and Facebook’s users.”

Of course, there’s a chance music stickers won’t ever see the light of day, or may show up with different functionality that expected, but we’ll be sure to update if and when the feature goes live.

If you’re still to get to grips with Instagram Stories, be sure to check out Digital Trends’ useful guide.


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