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Instagram adds 3 new filters, emojis in hashtags


Instagram has recently introduced three new filters that draw inspiration from nature – Lark, Reyes, and Juno – giving photographers even more variety when it comes to editing photos. This brings the total number of Instagram filters to 27 (not including the normal state, where no filter is applied).

The Lark filter desaturates the reds in your photo while enhancing blues and greens; Instagram says it brings landscapes to life. Reyes gives photos a “dusty, vintage” look to your photos, as if they were taken in an earlier era. Juno tints cool tones toward the color green while “making warm tones pop and whites glow” in photos of people.


This comes on the heels of Instagram’s December’s update, when five new filters were introduced and perspectives could be adjusted in the Adjust tool. In addition to those, two creative tools were also added: Color and Fade. The former allowed users to add colored flair to their photos, and the latter allowed users to soften colors. Instagram says users can expect more filters to come.

Another feature that Instagram is bringing to the app is the ability to use and search for emoji in hashtags. Emojis have become a staple of many social media apps, and in some cases it has even gone as far as to spark controversy. However, emojis transcend linguistic and cultural barriers, allowing anyone to communicate emotions and feelings with one another. Users can discover more emojis by searching for them on the Explore page of the app, and tapping on them when you see them in captions.


The app also has new user-interface elements. Instead of the words “like” or “comment,” it now shows heart and talk-bubble icons. The updates apply to both the iOS and Android versions.


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