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Insta-fans are better: Study shows Instagram users spend more on music

Instagram has become one of the most popular forms of social media for fans of musicians worldwide. But according to a recent study by Nielsen, the video and photo service is also doing great things for artists.

Data now shows that Instagram users spend 42 percent more money on music-related items and are two times more likely to pay for music streaming than the general populace. In a world which is growing more-and-more connected, those numbers can mean big things for musicians.

In addition to increased overall music purchasing habits, people who are active on Instagram spend about a third more time listening to music per week — 30.5 hours compared to the general population’s 23.5.

Critics of the study may point out that the average Instagram follower is likely younger and more connected than the average member of the general population, and that is almost certainly true, but the data also revealed that Instagram users still listen to more music than those active on other social media sites, who listen for an average of 27.2 hours per week.

Those who are active on Instagram are also more likely to attend concerts, musical theater productions, festivals, coffee shop gigs, and DJ showcases than the average population.

Over half of Instagram’s most popular accounts belong to musicians, with its 400 million users paying close attention to their favorite sonic minds.

With data to back them, it’s likely that musicians will put even more focus on Instagram as a social media platform. Especially when they can guarantee that fans see each and every post they make, unlike on platforms like Facebook, where only a fraction of those who ‘like’ their page see posted content.

“Instagram is where I get my first reactions to any music that I am creating or releasing,” said Musician Sarah Carpenter in an interview with Billboard. Carpenter has 5.6 million followers on the service, and echoes sentiments from other users who claim it is a more-personal social media network than most of its rivals.

“I show people where I am at in my life at that particular moment,” she said. It seems Instagram fans have rewarded that kind of intimacy by showing the love to musicians everywhere.



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