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How to use two Snapchat filters at once: Combine filters to make your Snapchat photos even better

Snapchat has quickly become one of the most popular photo messaging services on Android and iOS. You can barely move these days for images of people vomiting rainbows or being adorned with feline or canine features. There’s so much fun that can be had with the app that we even created a guide to the Top 10 Snapchat Tips & Tricks so users can get the most out of their creations. One trick you might want to find out is how to use two Snapchat filters at the same time. It’s very easy to pull off and in this feature we show you how.

How to use two Snapchat filters at once: Setting the first filter

Regular users of Snapchat will know that there are a few options for filters that can be applied to images. These include colour – much in the same way as the filters on Instagram work – text, location, the temperature, or the speed you’re travelling (hopefully not while you’re driving with a smartphone in your hand).

To apply a filter you’ll first need to find a suitably inspiring vista that you want to record for posterity, or at least ten seconds. Once you’ve captured your image swipe your finger in from the right side of the display and you’ll see how the filter adjusts the look of the scene. Continue swiping to move through the various options until you find one that you like.

How to use two Snapchat filters at once: Setting the second filter

The next part is simple, but you’d be hard pressed to actually discover it due to the arcane nature of Snapchat’s interface. Seriously, when we stumbled across the feature we fully expected an Achievement Unlocked message to appear at the top of the screen. Anyhow, it goes like this.

Hold your finger or thumb down on the image, preferably in the lower right side of the display, then at the same time swipe in from the left with another appendage. You should now see the second filter appear and you can cycle through them using the normal technique of swiping from the left.

How to use two filters on Snapchat at once

That’s it. Now you can apply two filters simultaneously to any image or video and send it to your friends, who will be (temporarily) amazed by your enviable Snapchap Fu.


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