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How to Log Calls in Salesforce

How to Log Calls in Salesforce


Call records in the CRM are a keystone to long-term sales relationship development. There are two primary reasons calls need to be logged into Salesforce consistently and accurately.

  1. Sales are rarely closed in a single phone call. This means there will be an ongoing string of connections leading to the eventual sale. Context from call to call is critical to deepening the relationship and closing sales.
  2. Inside salespeople are often dealing with hundreds of contacts at a time. It’s impossible to keep all those relationships straight without a record to look at.


The old way:

  1. Get off the phone
  2. Spend a few minutes searching for the contact in Salesforce
  3. Open the contact record
  4. Find the right spot to log the call
  5. Write something brief but descriptive (like LVM)
  6. Get back to work

The old way relies on a human action for every step.

There are so many steps involved that calls only get logged 40% of the time.

The new way: 

  1. Install Tenfold – it only takes a few minutes
  2. Calls are logged to Salesforce in the background
  3. You get perfect call data logged into Salesforce

The new way is simple. Not only is the call data perfect, but it saves time on every single call. That time is now available for higher-value activities. Logging calls in Salesforce couldn’t be easier.

How do you currently log calls in Salesforce? If you’re doing it the old manual way you’re lucky! It means you have an instant way to become much more efficient.

Tenfold only takes a few minutes to set up, and solves the Salesforce call-logging problem for good. It also provides realtime call analytics, click-to-dial and call popups. If you’re curious about how easy it is to connect Salesforce to Tenfold, we’re happy to help.

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