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How to go live on Twitter: Leave behind the 140-character limit with Twitter live video

While most people associate Twitter with short status updates, hashtags, or the inane ramblings of certain US Presidents, the company recently announced a new feature that goes beyond the 140-character limit – live video. Now you can broadcast your thoughts, surroundings, and highly questionable environmental policies to the world, all from your iPhone or Android smartphone without typing a word. We take a quick look at the new service and how to use Twitter live video.

How to go live on Twitter : What is Twitter live video?

Much like its close rival Facebook Live, Twitter live video allows users to quickly livestream events directly to the social media site. Other users can interact with the feed in real time, leaving comments and likes, and once the video is complete it remains in your feed just like any other tweet.

But wait a minute, we hear you say, isn’t this just Periscope? Well, yes and no. The new service is powered by Periscope, a livestreaming app that Twitter released last year. But you don’t need a Periscope account as your Twitter one is automatically used instead, and everything is done in the Twitter app. However, if you want a few extra features – such as the ability to alter your settings – then you can create an account for free by downloading the Periscope app for iOS or Android.

How to go live on Twitter : Creating a live video

To get your live stream up and running open the Twitter app on your smartphone then create a new post.

The next page has the famous ‘What’s happening?’ message in the main area of the screen, but it’s the options at the bottom that you’ll want to pay attention to. You should see a video camera icon with an inverted teardrop shape inside it and the word ‘Live’ below. Tap this and you will receive a few queries about allowing access to your camera or audio. Grant these and you’ll see a message confirming that you can now go Live on Twitter. Tap the ‘Ok, got it’ button and Twitter will launch your camera.

Before you go live you’ll want to give your video a name so that viewers can find it. Tap the ‘What’s happening?’ area, create a suitable title, then tap Go Live to begin.

how to go live on twitter

Now you’re live on Twitter. Any viewers that come across your stream will be able to watch what you’re up to and say hello.

When you’re finished just scroll down from the top and tap ‘Stop Broadcasting’. You’ll then be given the options to save the video to your gallery or delete it. There are also details on who watched the video when it was live or as a replay on your stream.

how to go live on twitter

So there you go, your journey as a broadcast legend is underway. Just remember that with great power comes great responsibility, and the challenge of being constantly interesting. Good luck.


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