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How to delete your Instagram account: Or temporarily disable it instead

Retro square photos with filters aren’t for everyone, and Instagram’s ties to Facebook might give the privacy-conscious cause for concern, so you have plenty of reasons to want to leave Instagram. Here’s how to temporarily disable your Instagram account or permanently delete your Instagram account.

Note: Bear in mind that Instagram doesn’t have an account deactivation feature like Facebook where you can revive your account later. Once you take the plunge, your account and everything you’ve published to it will be gone. For this reason you might want to temporarily disable it instead – you can do this once per week.


How to temporarily disable your Instagram account

This is the best option if you might one day want to go back to all those photos you’ve posted online. Choosing to disable your Instagram account means it is hidden until you reactivate it by logging back in.

To temporarily disable your Instagram account, sign into your Instagram account and head to the settings by clicking your user name at the top right of the screen.

At the bottom of the screen you’ll see a link which says ‘Temporarily disable my account‘. Click this, tell Instagram why you want to disable your account, re-enter your password and hit the big red ‘Temporarily Disable Account‘ button.


How to permanently delete your Instagram account

If you really do want to get rid of your entire Instagram account and profile for good, it’s a little harder. The firm doesn’t want you to do this but we’ve got you covered.

Since you won’t find a link to delete your account in the settings, follow this link. Once that page has loaded, sign into your Instagram account.

You’ll now see the page for choosing to permanently delete your account. Like disabling, you need to let Instagram know why you want to get rid of your account so choose an option from the list.

Depending on what reason you pick, there may be some information or links to the help center. Enter your password in the box and click the ‘Permanently delete my account‘ button.


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