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Get Facebook feedback on your PowerPoint presentation

Years ago, Microsoft revolutionized the way people give presentations, by forever ridding the world of slide projectors. With PowerPoint, you can create images with text, bullet points, charts, graphs, photographs and videos.

What used to be a dull endurance test became an often-engaging presentation that was easy to give, or pleasant to sit through. Recently, PowerPoint has been showing its age, as it is being outshined by next-generation presentation tools.

That includes Microsoft’s own Sway, which makes presentations shareable to multiple devices. And it includes services like Dropbox that make it easy for you to share your presentations, whether it’s to have co-workers make editorial tweaks or so your kids can work on projects with other students.

Now, Microsoft is making it easier to do that with PowerPoint presentations. Its Social Share is a plug-in that you install to your computer.

With Social Share, you can post your presentations to Facebook or Twitter, to get comments and feedback. Those comments appear directly on your PowerPoint presentation, so you can make edits as suggestions come in.


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