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Get a full psychological profile based on your Facebook page

Want to know how old you are, digitally speaking? We’re not talking about how old you look, but how old you think.

Provided you’ve got a Facebook page, the prestigious University of Cambridge can give you a psychological once-over. The university’s Psychometrics Centre examines your psychological profile, based on your Facebook likes and interests.

Its predictive Apply Magic Sauce tool is based on its analysis of 6 million Facebook profiles. The center touts it as a tool for academic research, and for marketing research. For example, companies can use the Apply Magic Sauce data to tailor their products to specific customers, based on their interests.

But you can use it just for fun, to figure out how old you think, how intelligent you are, and how happy or unhappy you are. Apply Magic Sauce knows more about you than that, though.

Like, it can predict whether you lean politically right or left, and which religion you’re most likely affiliated with. In case you need to know, Apply Magic Sauce can also tell you what your sexual orientation is, digitally speaking.

Plus, you can take the university’s Satisfaction Test, to find out how your happiness stacks up to the rest of the world’s. There are other psychological tests you can take, too. There’s a 100-question personality test, another to find out if you’re suited to be an entrepreneur, and several others.

The data you provide helps the university to create a deeper, richer profile of the average person. The university also says its data, and your information, is secure.


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