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Fake Facebook emails contain malware

If you’re familiar with email marketing, it’s one way companies entice you to open up an email. It may have a call-to-action-type subject line, where they’re asking you to do something.

That may be promising you something, like “Act now for your chance to win.” Or, it may be something that alarms you, like “This is your final warning.”

As it turns out, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated in their email marketing efforts. That includes emails containing malware that appear to have been sent by Facebook. (See photo above.)

In this phishing scam, the cybercriminals use a subject line that could get anyone’s attention. It might say, “You just received a voicemail,” or “An audio announcement has been delivered.”

Of course, you’ll wonder what type of voicemail or audio message you’re getting from Facebook. However, this is a phishing scam.

If you open the email, there’s a link or a .zip file. If you open it, it will infect your computer with a Nivdort malware. Note: Never open links in an email unless you requested someone to send it to you.

As with many phishing scams, these cybercriminals leave clues that it’s not a legitimate email. Can you spot one?

Most of the emails these cybercriminals are sending having a few random letters at the end of the subject line, like “sobdo.” Cybersecurity experts think these letters may be there to trick anti-spam programs.



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