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Facebook’s unexpected strategy to improve your Internet speed

Social media giant Facebook is determined to give everyone in the world access to fast Internet connection. And why not? The more people who have access to fast Internet means the more people connected online, and on Facebook, inevitably seeing more Facebook ads which generates money for the mega company.

Thankfully, the technologies introduced for this plan are a little less scary than Aquila, the Internet beaming drone. The newer technologies are called Terragraph and ARIES.

Tereragraph uses high frequency radio waves to speed up networks in highly populated, dense urban areas. Internet consumption is extremely high in these areas and that hampers the Wi-Fi and LTE infrastructure’s ability to keep up. Though optical fibers can provide hundreds of megabits useful for improving Internet speed, Terragraph can do the same thing at a fraction of the cost.

ARIES is the other element to this idea. Opposite from Terragraph, ARIES brings fast Internet connection to developing countries and rural areas by using multiple transmitters and receivers. Developing countries are currently unable to support data rates better than 2G, making ARIES 4G capabilities a huge improvement.

These technologies are still being developed, but considering ABI Research experts predict social media networks will be a $247 billion business in 2025 these technological advancements seems to be a step in the right direction for Facebook.


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