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Facebook’s latest privacy reminder is one you really can’t miss

Have you seen Facebook’s blue dinosaur? He’s a cute, little guy with a big head, a round belly, black eyes and a bright smile.

But, as cute as he is, Facebook’s blue dinosaur isn’t just for fun. If you use Facebook’s website, you may know he’s there to remind you to check your privacy settings.

Now, you’re going to see him pop up on your phone if you use Facebook’s mobile app. You may see Facebook’s blue dinosaur on your News Feed, saying, “Welcome to your privacy checkup.”

Facebook will take you through three simple steps that’ll show you who you’re sharing information with. First, he’ll ask you if you want your posts to be shared with the Public or just your Friends.

Second, and this is important, Facebook will ask you who can see your personal information, such as your phone number and email address. If you’re not comfortable sharing that information with everyone, make sure you choose Friends.

Third, you’ll see all the apps you’ve given permission to access your personal information. If you’re like most Facebook users, you’ll be shocked by the number of apps that are in there.

So often, you just click through screens when you’re trying to read a post, play a game, or take part in a survey. You don’t think about it, but you’re sometimes giving companies permission to access your information. Fortunately, you can easily delete the apps that you share information with by clicking on the X.

Or you can select who sees those apps, whether it’s just you or your friends. That’s it.



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