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Facebook Will Soon Force You to Use its Moments App to Photo-Sync Your Images

A feature that is currently only available on Facebook is being killed off in order to make it exclusively available elsewhere. Ring any bells?

In a move that recalls the launch of Messenger, Facebook is removing the ability to photo-sync from its main app. Instead, starting January 10, users who want to utilize the feature will have to download the Moments app.

Facebook has been trying to get users to notice Moments for the past few months, and it seems to be working. The app, which lets users privately share photos with each other, has been moving up the app store charts as a result of Facebook promoting it on news feeds, reports TechCrunch. Additional Messenger integration also pushes you back to the Moments app by sending a message to your Facebook inbox every time an image is shared with you via Moments.

If you’ve never used photo-sync on Facebook, you’ll probably be wondering what all the fuss is about. Photo-sync is a feature that mobile users can currently use through the Facebook app in order to upload and backup photos on the social network. The images are stored in a private album for future editing and sharing purposes.

Users who make the move to Moments will have access to previously synced photos in the app, Facebook told TechCrunch. Those who choose not to take up Moments, will be able to download a zip file of their photos on their computer, or delete their photos via Facebook itself. It really is make or break if you like the photo-syncing feature.

The last time the social network took a bold move to push an app, it turned out to be an ingenious move on its part. Messenger is now an essential part of the Facebook experience, and all because the social network tied its messaging feature to it, forcing users to adopt the app. Although photo-syncing isn’t as integral for many, it will likely jump-start the move to Moments for its dedicated users.

At present, photo-syncing will only be removed from Facebook in the regions where Moments will be available — a notable exception being Europe.



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