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Facebook wants you to share more photos

If you’re like most people, you’re constantly taking photos. And a lot of them never see light of day.

They just sit in your camera roll until one day, you’ve just had it and delete them all. If so, Facebook is trying to help you, but in a slightly creepy way.

Its Facebook Messenger app is rolling out a new featured called Photo Magic. Once you upload the updated Messenger app with Photo Magic, it will scroll through your camera roll looking for photos.

It’s based on the photo sharing app Moments that Facebook launched over the summer. To share photos with your friends on Moments, your friends have to sign up for the app.

Not so with Photo Magic. If they’re on Messenger, Photo Magic will now automatically be a feature on it.

If Photo Magic finds photos of users it recognizes, it will ask you to send that person the photo. It just takes one tap. Or, if it finds photos with a few people it recognizes, Photo Magic will set up a group of those users. You can share the picture with them.

In the future, when you take photos with those people in it, Messenger will ask if you want to share the picture with them. That’s pretty cool, and it sounds convenient.

However, the idea of Photo Magic scrolling through your camera roll feels invasive. That’s true, especially when you consider how well Facebook’s face-recognition software works. The social media giant says it can recognize faces with nearly human-level accuracy.

If you’re one of Messenger’s 700-million-plus users, take comfort. You have to opt-in to use Photo Magic. And, for the moment, it’s available only in Australia on Android devices.

Plus, Facebook Messenger’s team recently posted a note about how Messenger uses your photos. They wrote, in part: “Like most other apps, we request permission to run certain features, such as making calls and sending photos …”


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