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Facebook wants to help you get over your breakup

Going through a breakup is tough. Especially now, in the digital age. Sure, you may not see your ex in real life anymore, but that doesn’t stop him or her from popping up on your Facebook feed. It’s annoying.

It always happens at the worst moments, too. Just when you think you’ve gotten over it, when you’ve finally moved on—there they are. Photos from your third anniversary, reminding you how “happy” the two of you were.

But it looks like Facebook has finally caught on that breaking up goes way beyond updating your relationship status. And it’s finally doing something about it.


Just this week, the social media giant announced it was testing out new tools to make breakups easier for its users. It explained new tools were in the works and were currently being tested.

With these new features, when someone updates their relationship status, various prompts will generate to help them remove their ex from their profile and news feed.

Of course, every relationship is different. Sometimes it ends with, “Let’s just be friends.” Sometimes it ends with, “Don’t ever speak to me again.”

Facebook seems to get that, too. The prompts let you choose how much or how little you’d like things to change. You can block them, for example. Or you can just “see less” of them.


You can also limit how much your ex can see from your profile without unfriending or blocking them. This allows you to limit their access if you don’t want to totally cut them off.

The downside is, if you’re going through a breakup right now, these new tools aren’t available just yet. In the meantime, there are settings you can change that help limit what you see of your ex.

What do you think? Are these Facebook features long overdue, or are they unnecessary? Let us know in the comments.


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