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Facebook profile pic – science reveals what it REALLY says about you

Ah, youth. If you don’t have it, so what?

You can give off the impression that you’re young, full of energy and you’re the life of the party. It’s as easy as choosing the right social media profile pic.

You’re already revealing a lot about your personality by the profile pic you post on Facebook, Twitter and other sites, and you probably don’t realize you’re doing it.

That’s according to a new research study that used personality assessment software and psychological assessment surveys. The researcher behind the study analyzed 66,000 Twitter users and their tweets. Then, he asked a few hundred of them to complete psychological profiles.

So, what does your profile picture say about you? Here’s what he found out.


If you’re an outgoing person who likes attention, your Facebook and Twitter profile pic is probably one where you’re posing and laughing. You’re probably surrounded by young people, too.

Extroverts’ profile photos are colorful. You’re wearing a smile but most likely not eyeglasses.


If you’ve got a big smile on your face in your profile pic, but you didn’t sweat the quality of the photograph, you’re probably a likeable person who gets along with everyone.


If you’re orderly and don’t like to stray from the script, your Facebook profile pic probably shows you smiling because that’s what’s expected of you. You smile when someone takes a picture of you.

But you’re not demanding attention. You probably look older in your photo than you actually are.


Are you a worrier? You’re revealing your personality to people if your Facebook pic is an object, rather than your face. Or, if it is your face, you’re looking a bit glum.


If you love new experiences, if you’re spontaneous and always looking for a good time, your profile pic reflects that. A lot of adventurous people post photos of themselves in unusual places or doing something funny and wacky. Ironically, you might look a bit angry in your profile pic.

So, which personality are you showing off on Facebook? Let us know in the comments.


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