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Facebook Pages get redesigned inbox for Instagram and Messenger interactions


Facebook is further integrating Instagram with its flagship platform, courtesy of its redesigned inbox for Pages.

Facebook is making it easier for businesses to manage interactions from across its suite of platforms in one place. On Monday, a number of users spotted a redesigned inbox for Pages that includes Instagram, Messenger, and Facebook interactions. The update is apparently only available on Facebook for the web at present.

It is unclear whether this is a test feature or if it is being rolled out more widely. For now, it seems to be limited to users in the United States. There has been no official announcement from the company. Digital Trends reached out to Facebook, but did not immediately receive a response.

It seems the unified inbox is built upon the update Facebook made to its Pages Manager app in November. The streamlined interface allows users to access interactions from each platform via corresponding tabs in the sidebar. Pages will consequently have the ability to reply to Facebook comments, visitor posts, reviews, messages and Instagram comments directly from the inbox.

Twitter user @MosheIsaacian also points out that the redesigned inbox lets you update your Instagram profile details, and mark posts as “done” or “follow up,” which can then be accessed from their dedicated folders for you to work on later. These features were not announced as part of the aforementioned Pages app update.

In terms of design, the desktop version retains the separate color schemes that match each icon’s aesthetic. The relevant logos for each platform are also placed next to each message on the sidebar, so as not to cause any mix-ups.

At the time of the unified inbox launch on the Pages Manager app, Facebook said the update would be available on more devices “soon.” If you can’t see the new inbox on desktop, make sure your Facebook and Instagram accounts are connected.

The social network also revealed that it was planning to add additional engagement types to the inbox over time. Does that mean the social network will one day allow Pages to post to Instagram directly from Facebook? For now, it remains unclear whether the unified inbox will be expanded beyond Pages to general users.



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