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Facebook Messenger gets a makeover – Here’s why you’ll love it

Facebook users near and far were outraged when the social network forced its users to download a separate Messenger App in order to send messages via Facebook. It was the platform’s first big upgrade and the users weren’t too happy.

But, in time, Facebook Messenger caught on with users. And now, the once-hated app is receiving a makeover that users will be pretty pleased with.

Currently, messages within the app are grouped by person and in the order they were received. This means that unread messages don’t always stay at the top as new conversations push them down. (See screenshot below.)

Facebook Messenger


In an attempt to give its users a simplified experience, Messenger will now give you a “Home” page, comprised of different “modules,” such as, “Favorites,” “Active Now,” and “Birthdays.” Your most recent messages will also stay at the top of this list.


The change is designed to make Messenger more easy to use, however, early feedback suggests that some users are concerned that the inbox will become more cluttered.

To that, Stan Shudnovsky, head of product for Facebook Messaging, explained, “The most important thing is to make sure that the messages that are unread are at the very top, and they’re always there, so every time the message arrives it goes to the top and it stays there.”

If you haven’t noticed the changes in your Messenger inbox yet, don’t worry. These changes are being rolled out gradually over the next few days.


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