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Facebook Messenger adds 17 classic games you’ll love

If you’re only using the Facebook Messenger app as another way to send texts, pictures and emojis to your friends and family then you’re missing out! You could also be using it to send money, record and send video or audio messages, and share your location if you get separated from your friends. You can also encrypt your messages so that you can have secret conversations,

The Messenger app allows you to do so many things and it just got even better. You’ll love this fun, new feature.

Facebook just added 17 games, including “Pac-Man” and “Words with Friends,” to the Messenger app. The really neat part is that playing through the app allows you to challenge your friends. This new feature is available in 30 countries so far but you do need a newer version of Apple and Android operating systems to use it.

To play a game, you first need to open a chat window with a friend or friends you’d like to play with. Select the gaming console icon (third from the right) from the row of messaging options. The list of games will pop up, hit “play” next to the game you want. This works through the Messenger app on your phone or tablet and through the Facebook desktop site.

It can get pretty competitive! The app keeps track of who is in the lead and if a friend surpasses your high score, you get a Facebook notification.

You may not see the gaming console icon if your Messenger app does not have the latest update. To check for app updates on an iPhone, go into your App Store, select “Updates” in the bottom-right corner, and then hit “Update” next to the Messenger app. To check for app updates on an Android phone, open the Google Play Store app and select the menu button in the top-left corner. Then select “My apps & games,” and then hit “Update” next to the Messenger app.

This release is a part of the Instant Games launch. Facebook is calling it a “cross-platform gaming experience” that allows people to “discover, share, and play games without having to install new apps.” Gaming apps fill up phone storage space so quickly. This could be a great solution to help you make room for other things like family photos.


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