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Facebook is going to put videos all over your news feed

You might have a moment of panic each time Facebook makes a change to its content, or privacy settings, or anything else. Facebook is always tweaking this, or tweaking that, but it’s been especially busy the past few weeks making changes, and testing new features.

Those include adding a bunch of features to make it easier for you to shop for products from your favorite stores. It also debuted an option to add motion to your photo, like a little GIF, where you might post an image of you going from a frown to a smile, instead of just a headshot.

Facebook also added a video feature where celebrities, not you, can share videos of themselves with their fans. It also added 360-degree videos, so you can watch videos from any angle. It’s all part of what Facebook describes as an “immersive experience” for users like you.

Now, Facebook is testing a lot more video features. One of them is a page specifically for videos. The idea is to go there if you want to see videos, rather than scrolling through your News Feed for the occasional video. Facebook hopes you’ll find it easier to watch and share videos.

It’s also meant to get you to stay on Facebook longer than you already do. To that end, you may have noticed that Facebook has been testing a “suggested video” option on iPhones, and now on its website. It will suggest videos similar to one you just watched. Facebook is now testing ads on those suggested videos, to see what users think.

Facebook’s new video page is for both its website and its app. To watch videos from an iPhone, tap the Videos icon at the bottom of the app. To watch videos on the site, it’ll be under Favorites (left sidebar), under News Feed.

Facebook is also testing an option to “save” videos to watch later, and a photo-in-photo-type feature. You can watch a video in a floating screen, while you continue to navigate around Facebook, doing other things like commenting on friends’ photos or reading news headlines.

Note: These are tests that Facebook is doing with a small number of people. If you discover you’ve got some of its new Videos features, cool. If not, you’re not alone.


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