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Facebook is giving users yet another way to spam their friends – but this time it’s more ‘discreet’

It looked like Facebook was taking steps in the right direction to help eliminate some of the most annoying features. Last week, we shared the company’s plan to use artificial intelligence to help remove annoying Facebook comments.

Recent news, however, makes it appear that your Facebook friends could have more control over what content you see from their feeds, which some worry could lead to spamming.

Currently, Facebook is testing a feature that would allow you to notify up to 10 friends about something you’ve posted. This can be anything from a picture of the sandwich you just ate to a video of your cat.

In attempts to avoid spamming, Facebook has explained that the new feature would not automatically cause a post to show up in the specified friends’ feeds. Instead, it would create an alert that could be accessed from those friends’ Facebook profiles, similarly to the way alerts show up when friends invite you to play Candy Crush.

According to a Facebook spokesman, the alert is designed to give users a way to share content with friends without calling them out publicly on their feeds. Currently, to notify a friend of a particular post, you have to tag them in the comments, which anyone can see.

Right now, this new feature is only being tested by a small group in Canada and Europe. So far, no information has been released as to when the feature might become available to the public.

If released, the “Notify Friends” feature pops up above the text field when you begin to write a new status update. But word of this feature has already caused users to voice their concerns on Twitter. Some are labeling the tool, “Spam your friends who don’t care,” while others are saying “this will get very annoying, very quickly.”

We’re hoping that this new feature will include a “Settings” option where it can be turned off – just like this setting that allows you to stop others from posting on your timeline.

What do you think? Does this feature have potential, or do you agree that it could become problematic? Let us know in the comments.

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