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Facebook intentionally crashed its app to see if you’d keep checking it

There are 24 hours in a day. During that time, the average American checks their phones 50 times per day, or, for some teens, almost every 15 minutes.

We check our phones first thing in the morning and as soon as we are ready to go to bed for the night. We use them as mirrors and cameras, we use them to stay connected, send texts and place calls.

And, we also spend a lot of time on Facebook. But what if the Facebook app didn’t work? What would you do then?

Turns out that a malfunctioning Facebook app didn’t stop Facebook users from getting to the site – and that’s good news for Facebook.

Over the course of a few years now, Facebook has been purposely bugging its Android app, or causing it to crash, in order to test the loyalty of its users.

It’s a common practice among app makers, and this test specifically sought to “simulate an environment where bad things were happening to [the users].”

With this information, Facebook can then imagine “how its users would respond in nightmare scenarios, and adapt accordingly.”

So despite intentional Android problems being caused by Facebook itself, its users still came back, every time. Some even would access Facebook through the mobile browser, rather than give up the app completely.

While some users are mad, Facebook is assuring its users that it’s to improve the app as a whole. More specifically, the Google Play store could soon be kicking out all Facebook apps from the store. Facebook is also working on different scenarios, should this happen.


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