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Create your own celebrity status using Social Media

The bigger the name, the more they get paid. Richard Branson receives $200,000 and a private jet supplied by a client as a minimum for any speaking engagement. Harry Connick, Jr. earns just below half a million per performance. And if you want Martha Stewart to make an appearance at your event? It will cost you at least $100,000, according to Celebrity Talent International.

This is very good news for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark. Without using an agent or high-priced public relations firm, you can create your own celebrity status as an authority in your business niche to help you dominate your market. All you need is a little hustle — and Facebook — to get the job done. Here’s how to do it:

Brand yourself.

Professionals look professional, so for your business page on Facebook, use a professional photo. Selfies are NOT professional. Neither is a group picture from your class reunion. Feature your professional headshot in your profile picture for your Facebook page and use that same photo in all of your social media accounts.

Strike a pose.

Share images of yourself in highlight moments of your job with your fans. Whether that is posing with a customer, speaking on stage, developing a new product, etc. These images of you in the midst of what you do to establish trust and authority with your followers. These photographs serve as social proof to your prospects and go a long way in developing trust with them.

Get quoted.

Develop blog posts that are valuable to your prospects and then pull quotable phrases to run as social media posts with links to those blogs. Creating visually appealing and easily shareable images help your quotes reach beyond your immediate audience. You can create great images in minutes using sites like Canva, PicMonkey, and WordSwag. Not sure where to start with content? Make a list of the questions prospects ask you and simply start answering those questions.

Promote your publicity.

Any time you are interviewed, whether that be in local media, a podcast or a major news outlet, have a photo taken during the interview and share it with your followers and fans. Be sure to tag the media outlet you are interviewing with to ensure you reach both your audience and theirs.

Develop a signature hashtag.

Having a hashtag that audiences can easily identify as being part of your brand and business is a must. Trending hashtag today include #Riccing, Christina Ricci’s hashtag used to show her fitting in small spaces; #LeBroning when someone is being a tad overdramatic; or #Eastwooding when talking to an empty chair inspired by Clint Eastwood’s 2012 Republican Convention speech. Leverage your hashtag to help build your celebrity brand. We created one right away for my newest book, “The No B.S. Guide to Direct Response Social Media Marketing,” #NoBSsm and included it on all of our social media posts about the book and throughout the month of the book launch.


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