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Back up your private data from social media networks

Few social media platforms have had the muscle like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to weather the storm. Remember MySpace? And how about Friendster? Sites like these have faded away, but what happened to all of the data that was stored in their account profiles?

It’s something we rarely think about. These days, people use their social media accounts almost as a journal. Online photo albums hold wedding pictures, sonograms, school photos and other photos with sentimental value. Status updates and Tweets record events from our past that we don’t ever want to forget.

Our lives are almost entirely stored online, but there are pros and cons to this. It’s obviously convenient to share and store content in our social media profiles, but when it comes time to move on from the site, you also leave behind everything you’ve shared there.

You’ve heard us talk about internet security software, but did you know that Kaspersky Lab is also exploring solutions to this problem? is a site that has been launched by Kaspersky Lab to gauge interest in a backup service for your private data on social media networks.

The service will feature military-grade encryption and will be able to export data from social media sites. With this service, you’ll have a copy of everything you’ve shared on social media, including photos, videos, posts, GPS check-ins and more. FFForget also won’t track your data or use it to pass on to advertisers.

Even if you’re not leaving a social media network on your own, there are other reasons you may want to have a backup on hand. If you’re blocked from the site for some reason, or if your account gets hacked, you will still have access to everything you’ve shared.

Right now, FFForget is in the exploratory stages to see how much interest there is in this service. If you want this service, then you need to click “I want it” to show that you’re interested.

FFForget will come with two different plan options: A free option that includes manual backup for one social network of your choice, or a premium version that costs $2 per month and covers up to four social media accounts.

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