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5 YouTube tricks you didn’t know existed

It’s amazing to think that 10 years ago there were hardly any online videos. YouTube was just one of many sites trying to find an audience, and it could have shut down and disappeared at any time. A decade later, it’s hard to imagine the world, online or offline, without it.

News, instructions, cat videos, instant celebrities, music, humor, emotional stories and more are all within a split-second search. And YouTube is still expanding with 300 hours of new video uploaded every minute. Of course, if you just go to YouTube and click “Play,” you’re missing out on some cool features. Let’s take a look at some little-known tricks that could change your video-watching experience.


Turning your TV into a computer monitor isn’t hard, but it can make some common programs and websites a little harder to use. You have to deal with small type, icons that are harder to see from a distance and you won’t always know exactly where that small mouse cursor is.

YouTube has a simple solution. Head over to to load an interface designed just for TVs, or if you just want YouTube with less clutter. You can easily navigate videos using the keyboard arrow keys, “S” to search and “G” to open the left column guide.


You’re watching an amazing video but you keep getting distracted by those little clickable messages that pop up over the video asking you to subscribe, showing other information. Most YouTube creators use these sparingly, but some go overboard and it can ruin the video.

Fortunately, you can turn these off. Just click the gear icon at the lower right of the video player and next to “Annotations” click “Off.”

YouTube options

However, that’s only going to be for that one video. To turn off annotations across the site by default, click your profile icon in the upper-right corner of YouTube. Then click the gear icon to visit your YouTube settings.

YouTube account

In the left column, select “Playback” and under “Annotations and interactivity” uncheck “Show annotations …” Then click the “Save” button.

YouTube playback


Have you ever been watching a YouTube video and something amazing happens, but it’s really fast? It would be nice if you could slow the video down to get a better look.

There are entire YouTube channels devoted to slow-motion videos, like this channel that shows what happens when a CD shatters. However, you don’t need a high-speed camera to slow things down.

On any video, click the gear icon in the lower-right corner of the video player and click the drop-down box next to “Speed.”

YouTube options

You can drop the video speed to half or a quarter of the normal playing speed. Or, if you want, you can speed it up by a quarter, half or double. Speeding up a video is a good way to condense a long instructional video or just a fun new way to listen to a favorite song.


YouTube is fairly smart when it comes to picking video quality settings. It will adjust the quality based on your internet connection speed so you don’t get too much buffering (i.e. waiting around for the video to load).

Unfortunately, if you have an unstable internet connection that speeds up and slows down, it can throw YouTube for a loop. When your connection speeds up, YouTube will try to push you to a higher video quality setting, and then you’re stuck buffering when the connection slows down again.

Fortunately, if that starts happening, you can take control. Click the gear icon in the lower-right corner of the video player and see what the Quality setting is.

YouTube options

Try dropping it down one setting and see if that smooths things out. So if it’s 1080p, make it 720p. If you’re still having trouble, drop it down another level.

You can also use this to force YouTube to a higher quality setting than it would normally go for your connection. You’ll be waiting longer for the video to start playing, but it should be smooth once it gets going.


You found a hilarious video you want to share with a friend. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get good until three minutes in. The first part is boring and you don’t want your friend to stop watching.

Cue up the video to the start of the section you want your friend to see. Then right-click the video and select “Get video URL at current time.” Copy the link that appears and paste it into an email or on Facebook. When anyone clicks on the link, the video will start at the exact spot you wanted.

Handy hint: Copying the link using the CTRL+C command doesn’t always work. If you test the link and it doesn’t start the video at the right time, do this instead: Right-click the video and select “Get video URL at current time.” Then right-click on the link and select “Copy.” Then paste it and it should work.


YouTube has an autoplay feature that leads you to a new video when your current video is done. It chooses the next video off of related videos to the one you’re watching and what else you’ve watched in the past.

But what if you want to stay on the same video? You can turn autoplay on or off from any video. Just click the gear icon in the lower-right corner of the video player, and next to “Autoplay” click “Off.”

YouTube options

You can also turn it on and off from the “Up next” area of the right-hand column next to the video.


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