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5 fun ways to use Pinterest

Pinterest is the latest in a long line of cool social media websites that let you save and share things you find on the internet. There’s a lot more to the basics though and once you’ve signed up to the site you’ll find yourself pinning all sorts. However there are some interesting tasks you can use Pinterest for that make it so much more than just a simple social sharing website.

Help plan a holiday

When you first start to look around for a holiday destination there can be lots and lots of places you’d love to visit. Use pinterest to collect a selection of destination guides, images from Google and other travel based sites. You can add notes to help remind you of why each one was worthy of pining.

Gift lists

It’s often the case that you’ll see the perfect Christmas gift for someone in March and by the time December comes around you simply can’t recall what or where you discovered it. Use Pinterest to keep a log of interesting things that would make great gifts for the people you love in your life.

For simple inspiration

It can be hard getting your creative juices flowing whether you’re looking for inspiration for a business presentation or you’re an artist working on your latest piece, but you can use a site like Pinterest to store all the inspirational and interesting images, movies, sites that you come across on a daily basis. Use a Pinterest board simply to store all the things that appeal to you and have it inspire you when your creativity needs a jump-start.

Planning a surprise party

Pinterest has ‘secret’ boards that you can use to keep information just to yourself or a select circle that you invite. Using this feature you can plan the perfect surprise party keeping all who are in the know involved and you can share ideas for locations, gifts and more all by pinning to this secret board.

Helping your small business

Of course, social networks are great at bringing lots of people together to share ideas and if you’re able to inspire people yourself you can use the site to help market your business to others. There are hundreds of guides to using Pinterest to help grow you business, many of them on Pinterest itself, check them out to see if Pinterest can help promote your company.


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