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5 Facebook tips and tricks you aren’t using, #5 is important

Facebook seems like a simple site at first, but there are a ton of features you probably don’t use and secrets you have yet to discover. We’ve brought you a number of those tricks and secrets in the past,from cleaning up your News Feed to checking your hidden inbox.

Today, we’re bringing you some more that range from silly to serious. Give them a try and let us know which ones are your favorites.


Tired of posting the same-old boring status updates? Spice them up with crazy fonts or fun emojis.

To use a fun font in your status update, visit this page. Type in the text you want to post and then copy the text with the font you want to use. Paste it into your Facebook status and click Post.

Want to express yourself with emojis? This site has hundreds of images that you can copy and paste into your status update. You’ll find the standard smileys, landscapes, buildings, animals, flowers and so much more.


Facebook has a good app for smartphones and tablets, but the continual notifications can drive you crazy. Who wants their phone buzzing or beeping every time a friend posts something on your wall or completes a game level?

You can take control of notifications right in the Facebook app. Open it, and go to the App Settings area. Tap “Notifications” and you have a huge range of things you can control.

Set whether a notification triggers a vibration, flashing LED, or ringtone. Choose if notifications show up on your lock screen. Set exactly what activities – ex. wall posts, comments, friend requests, etc. – set off notifications. Or you can just turn all notifications off entirely if you want some peace and quiet.


The trick of leaving a blank comment pops up in a lot of “Facebook secrets” lists, but it seems like no one is exactly sure what it’s good for, other than saying, “Look what I can do.” Still, we’re going to include it because you might run into it on Facebook and wonder how it’s done, or think up a good use for it in your life.

On any post, click the Comment button. Then hold down the ALT key and type the number “0173.” Note that you’ll need to type the number using the 10-key section of your keyboard over on the right. If you use the number row above the letters, it won’t work.

After you type it nothing will appear, but if you hit “Enter,” a blank comment will appear with your name on it. If you use this, let us know in the comments what you used it for (or just leave us a blank comment).


The chat feature in Facebook is nice for the occasional real-time conversation with your friends. However, you might have that one friend who is always on Facebook and always wants to chat.

You can make yourself unavailable on chat to avoid them, but then you won’t get to chat with anyone else. Fortunately, you can adjust your Chat settings to filter who sees that you’re online.

In the bottom-right corner of Facebook, click “Chat.” Then click the gear icon at the top-right of the chat window and select “Advanced Settings.”

Under “Turn off chat for only some friends,” type in the name of the friends you don’t want to chat with. Or if you only want to chat with a few friends, switch it to “Turn off chat for all friends except” and type in the friends’ names. Then click “Save.”


Facebook’s privacy settings have changed a lot over the years, and they haven’t always been the easiest to understand or even find. That’s why Facebook recently added the “Privacy Checkup” tool.

This features a cute cartoon dinosaur that walks you through your basic privacy settings. It tells you how to control who sees your posts, what information Facebook apps can share and who can see your profile information.

To use Privacy Checkup, go to Facebook and click the padlock icon in the upper-right corner and select Privacy Checkup. Then just follow the directions.

Privacy Checkup is a great way to cover the privacy basics, but there’s more you can do. Here are step-by-step instructions to completely lock down your Facebook privacy.


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